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How to identify your stove

Whitfield made quite a few different stove models. Unfortunately, they all look pretty similar and have similar names. Some parts are the same for all models, like igniters and auger motors, but others are specific to the stove model. We have a few pictures and other info that will help you tell which model you have. Basically they kept releasing the Advantage models each year with a new number and the same basic design. Please note: Pictures may not be of the exact model listed, and are for reference only. Check your serial number and model number.

You can also look at the tag on the stove for identification. It will give you the model name and serial number. This tag also has the clearances to combustibles and is usually located on the side, back, or under the hopper lid.


Whitfield Advantage I & II WP2

The Advantage I was made 1985 - 1989 (Serial # 1001 - 7400) and available as both an insert and free standing unit. The Advantage I did not use a control board, instead it used a series of timers to control the stove. The timers are no longer available, but most other parts are.

The Advantage II was made 1989 - 1990 (Serial # 7401 - 18144) and available as both an insert and free standing unit. The Advantage II had a control board. This control board has been discontinued. Most other parts are available.

Whitfield Advantage I

Whitfield Advantage II-T WP2

The Advantage II-T was made 1990 - 2000 (Serial # 18145 & up) and available as both an insert and free standing unit. Nearly all parts are still available for this stove. Whitfield Advantage II-T

Whitfield Advantage III WP2

The Advantage III was made 1991 - 1996 (Serial # 18145 & up) and was available as both an insert and a free standing unit. Really the only difference between the II-T and the III is the glass. The III has a solid piece of glass across the front. Nearly all parts are still available. Whitfield Advantage III

Whitfield Advantage Plus WP7

The Advantage Plus was made from 1996 - 2000. It was available as an insert model, or freestanding. What distinguishes it from the Advantage II-T is the solid glass across the front. It was almost identical to the Advantage III. Whitfield Advantage Plus

Whitfield Advantage II-T Classic WP2

The Advantage II-T Classic was made in 2002 with serial numbers starting at 122,301. Basically it was a redesigned version of the II-T. When Lennox bought out Whitfield they released a newer version of the best selling stove and put a different control board in it. This stove was also available as an insert or free standing. Whitfield Advantage II-T Classic

Whitfield Quest WP4

The Quest was made from 1994 -2000. It was also available as an insert or freestanding model. Whitfield Quest

Whitfield Quest Plus Wp4

The Quest Plus was made from 1998 - 1999. Even though the Quest and Quest Plus look the same they take a few different parts. It is important to determine which model you have before ordering parts. Whitfield Quest


Whitfield Cascade WP5

The Cascade was introduced in 2005 and is still made today. This stove is freestanding only. Whitfield Cascade

Whitfield Profile 20 & 30 P9

The Profile 20 and Profile 30 were made from 2000-2002. Both were available either as an insert, or a freestanding model. These stoves were very similar in design. The Profile 30 provided more heat. They do take a few different parts, so it is important to know which model you have.

Whitfield Optima 2 & 3

The Optima 2 and Optima 3 are very similar to the Profile 20 and Profile 30. They take most of the same internal components. The difference is basically cosmetic. Whitfield Optima 2